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LEGISLATIVE BUSINESS <br />7. Waive reading and introduce an ordinance amending the South San Francisco Municipal <br />Code, Chapters 14.08 and 14.14, to incorporate new provisions required by the State <br />Water Board for discharges into the sanitary sewer collection system and adjusting the <br />requirements for lateral inspections required at the time of sale or transfer of property. <br />ADMINISTRATIVE BUSINESS <br />8. Downtown Homeless Task Force findings and recommendations and direction to staff. <br />9. Approval of reassignment of a Police Sergeant to the Drug Enforcement Administration <br />Task Force and addition of one vehicle to the Police Department Fleet. <br />10. Resolution awarding the construction contract to MCK Services Inc of Martinez, <br />California, for the 2013 Street Rehabilitation Project (Project No. st1201) in an amount <br />not to exceed $1,268,266.30. <br />11. Resolution awarding the construction contract to Interstate Paving & Grading, Inc. of <br />South San Francisco, California, for the Forbes Boulevard Bike Lane Improvements <br />Project (Project No, stl306) in an amount not to exceed $3,179,350.40. <br />COMMUNITY FORUM <br />ADJOURNMENT <br />REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING JULY 24, 20 13 <br />AGENDA PAGE 3 <br />