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sta <br /> <br />Date: <br /> <br />September 27, 1995 <br /> <br />To: <br /> <br />The Honorable Mayor and City Council <br /> <br />From: City Clerk <br /> <br />Subject: <br /> <br />Certification of the Election Results of the Special Municipal Election September 12, <br />1995 on Measure A ..~ / ~ ~ ~- r]._~ <br /> <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br /> <br />That the Council adopt a resolution declaring the election results of the Special Municipal Election of <br />September 7, 1995. <br /> <br />DISCUSSION: <br /> <br />Pursuant to Elections Code 15645, 14406 and 15300 this Office conducted a public manual recount of <br />Precincts 1810, 1811, 5820 and 5836; investigated all absentee ballots and provisional ballots submitted <br />to the precincts and either counted the ballots or voided same; verified the count of unused ballots and <br />destroyed them through the use of a drill punch, etc. <br /> <br />In accordance with Section 15300 of the Elections Code, I respectfully submit the following certification <br />of election results of the September 12, 1995 Special Municipal Election: <br /> <br />The number of registered voters: <br />The number of votes cast: <br />Percentage of turn-out: <br /> <br />23,397 <br />10,482 <br /> 44.8% <br /> <br />Measure A: Shall the South San Francisco General Plan and Municipal Code be <br />amended as proposed to allow a card club in the area of South San Francisco East of <br />Highway 101 and north of Oyster Point Boulevard at or near the Shearwater/U.S. Steel <br />site, at which games permitted by law such as draw-poker, low-ball poker and <br />panguingue (PAN) are played and to increase regulation of card clubs? <br /> <br />Measure A required a simple majority vote for passage: <br /> <br /> Yes <br /> <br />Barbara A. Battaya ~' <br />City Clerk <br /> <br />4,631 44.18% <br />5,846 55.77% <br /> <br />Attachments: <br /> <br />Canvass Certificate of City Clerk <br />Certificate of Ballot Destruction <br />Resolution <br /> <br />CE. NT~.AL- RECOFID~ <br /> <br />AS/SS <br /> <br />202 <br /> <br />9/84 1M <br /> <br /> <br />