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<br />City of South San Francisco <br />Elected Official Roster <br /> <br />. CITY COUNCIL Hays, Ivan 04/21/44 Rocca, Andrew 04/15/58 <br />Only years when Council Members Elder, Charles Cortesi, Emilio <br />changed are shown Boido, Victor Ryan, Leo J. <br /> Minucciani, Michael Ahern, Patrick E. <br />Minnucciani, Michael 04/16/28 Holston, George W. (Mayor) Rozzi, Guido J. (Mayor) <br />Lloyd, Reese <br />Hynding, Andrew Anderson, G. replaced Hays 10/01/45 Rozzi, Guido J 04/20/59 <br />Tibbetts, Roderick Cortesi, Emilio <br />Eschelbach, Albert J. (Mayor) Sani, Adolph 04/16/46 Ryan, Leo 1. <br /> Holston, George W. Ahern, Patrick E. <br />Boido, Victor 04/21/30 Elder, Charles K. Rocca, Andrew (Mayor) <br />Lloyd, Reese Cortesi, Emilio <br />Minucciani, Michael Ferko, Leo (Mayor) Ahern, Patrick E. 04/19/60 <br />Tibbetts, Roderick Rozzi, Guido J. <br />Quinlan, Joseph P. (Mayor) Cortesi, Emilio 04/20/48 Ryan, Leo J. <br /> Elder, Charles COliesi, Emilio <br />Boido, Victor 04/16/34 Boido, Victor Rocca, Andrew (Mayor) <br />Tibbetts, Roderick Sani, Adolph <br />Quinlan, Joseph P. Ferko, Leo (Mayor) Ahern, Patrick E. 04/17/61 <br />Minucciani, Michael Rocca, Andrew <br />Lloyd, Reese (Mayor) Boido, Victor 04/18/50 Ryan, Leo J. <br /> Bracco, Joseph J. Cortesi, Emilio <br />Mager, J replaced Quinlan 03/18/35 Elder, Charles Rozzi, Guido J. (Mayor) <br /> Cortesi, Emilio <br />Mager, John F 04/20/36 Sani, Adolph (Mayor) Ahem, Patrick E. 04/17/62 <br />Boido, Victor Rocca, Andrew <br />Eschelbach, Albert J. Noonan, John 06/05/52 Cortesi, Emilio <br />Minucciani, Michael Smith, Telford L. Rozzi, Guido J. <br />Ratto, David W. (Mayor) Sani, Adolph Ryan, Leo J. (Mayor) <br /> Bracco, Joseph J. <br />Boido, Victor 04/18/38 Cortesi, Emilio (Mayor) Bertucelli replaced Ahern 01/07/63 <br />Tibbetts, Roderick Ahern, Patrick replaced Ryan (Mayor) <br />Minucciani, Michael Bosworth, George 04/20/54 <br />Ratto, David W. Lucchio, Francis Bertucelli, Frank 04/21/64 <br />Eschelbach, Albert J. (Mayor) Noonan, John Cortesi, Emilio <br /> Cortesi, Emilio Rozzi, Guido J. <br />Ratto, David W. 04/15/40 Smith, Telford L. (Mayor) Rocca, Andrew <br />Boido, Victor Ahern, Patrick E. (Mayor) <br />Lloyd, Reese Rocca replaced Bosworth 09/7/54 <br />Tibbetts, Roderick Gamlen, R. replaced Noonan Cortesi, Emilio 04/05/65 <br />Ho lston, George W. (Mayor) Rozzi, Guido J. <br /> Ryan, Leo 04/17/56 Rocca, Andrew <br />Boido, Victor 04/21/42 Cortesi, Emilio Ahern, Patrick E. <br />Minucciani, Michael Lucchio, Francis Bertucelli, Frank (Mayor) <br />Ho lston, George Rocca, Andrew <br />Lloyd, Reese Rozzi, Guido J. (Mayor) <br />Ratto, David W. (Mayor) <br /> <br />S:\Election\Historic List of Mayor Council Treas and Clerk\Historical Elected Officials Roster .doc <br />Page 2 of5 <br />