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<br />Page 1 of 13 <br />April 2008 <br />Results <br />Trustees <br />Andrew J. Hynding <br />Harry Edwards <br />Herman Gaerdes <br />Thomas Hickey <br />Daniel McSweeney <br />Clerk: Thomas Mason <br />Treas: C. L. Kauffmann <br />Trustees: <br />F. A. Cunningham 4 yr <br />Thomas L. Hickey - 4 yr <br />J. F. Healey - 2 yr <br />J. C. McGovem - 2 yr <br />Daniel McSweeney - 2 yr <br />Clerk: William 1. Smith <br />Treas.: C. L. Kauffmann <br />Marshal: H. W. Kneese <br />Failed <br />Trustees: <br />John C. McGovem <br />G. W. Holston <br />J. H. Kelley <br />Clerk: William J. Smith <br />Treas: C. L. Kauffmann <br />Trustees: <br />Fred Alonzo Cunningham <br />George Henry Wallace <br />Clerk: William J. Smith <br />Treas: Edward P. Kauffmann <br /> <br />SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO ELECTION INFORMATION <br /> <br />Reason for Election <br />Board of Trustees, City Clerk and City Treasurer <br /> <br />Prop # 1 - Annex County property - propeliy bound by <br />Homestead Tract / Concordia Tract / Abbey Homestead <br />Tract <br /> <br />City Clerk and City Treasurer, <br /> <br />Board of Trustees, <br />Marshal <br /> <br />Board of Trustees, City Clerk and City Treasurer <br /> <br />City Clerk and City Treasurer <br /> <br />Board of Trustees, <br /> <br />Type of Election <br />Special Election <br /> <br />General Municipal Election <br />Ord. 31 - giving notice <br />Reso #05-10 - calling <br />Reso #06-10 - results <br />Special Election <br />Reso 02-11 - results <br />General Municipal Election <br />Reso 02-12 - call <br />Reso 06-12 - results <br />General Municipal Election <br /> <br />Date of Elec <br />9/03/08 <br /> <br />4/11/10 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />1/16/11 <br /> <br /> <br />4/08/12 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />4/13/14 <br /> <br />No. <br /> <br />File <br />