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P ET i T i ~1; P OR AN~.,i EXR~i ?~i <br /> <br />the Holr:~rab!.~ th~ BOARD 3.~:' TRU~EE,9 o~ the <br /> <br />-~t!en ef the Sixth Cie. ss, 8uly incorporated under the isws ~f <br /> <br />the State ,~f Csi-,_ ......... -,., ~,~z~ ,~xisting in the c~dn~y of San }~fate~, <br /> <br />State ~f Oaliferni8 ; thnt your petitiouers ?e residents .f said <br /> <br />City ~nd are quaiifi~l eleeters thereof, ,md constitute ~re than <br />~ne-fifth c~. th* qualified elect, rs ~f sai~ Oity, e~mput~t upon <br /> <br />~,_ce r~mber of vstes east at the last ~;~nioipal election <br /> <br /> ., o ne- fifth <br />th**rein ; ~nd that this petiti, n is si,:ned by n~re thsn <br /> <br />in number of ti~ qualified electors ef such m, nioips1 ~rp~ratien <br /> <br />the un~rsigne~l, residents an,1 quaiifi,~, eieetors ~f the <br /> <br />~ity ef South San Franeisc~, as aforesaid, respectfully petiti®n <br /> <br />Zeur H~n~ra~le Bear~ and ~.~ that the b~undnries ~f sai~ <br />S~uth gan Fr~neisee may be alter~i and that all th~ follow~;~ <br />~..~:rtic~i~rly deseribed new territory <br /> <br />ino.rperat~ ar~l included therein, ,.:~:. ~,~,r,,: r. i~.rt thereof, t~ wit: <br /> <br />All thT~t cert,.in torrit~r~ situated, lying and being, <br /> <br />~ontJ~ueus t~ tL(.~ city ef 2euth S2.n, and in the C~,unty ~f <br /> <br /> n .... , ..... A''~' ............. ~,~'~ te wit '- <br /> <br /> Beg!nnl~ ~.t a p~int on ~he d. lvlO, i~: line between sections <br />and BS, %~wn~ip S, S.u~ Ra~/~ ~ Weet,N.D.M., said p~ <br /> <br /> feet north of the gra~te ~mment set 15 ohaln%~ <br /> <br /> <br />