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TO TIlE BOARD OP TRUSTEES OP THE CITY OP SOUTH SAN PRANOISCO. <br /> 'We, the undersigned, qualified electors of the City of South <br /> <br />San Prancisco. a municipal corporation in the County of San Narco, <br /> <br />State of 0alifornia. hereby ask and petition the Board of <br /> <br />Trustees of said City of South San Francisco that the herein- <br /> <br />after described new territory be annexed to, incorporated in and <br /> <br />made a part of said City of South San Francisco and that the <br />boundaries of said City be altered accordingly; and we further <br /> <br />ask and petition said Board of Trustees to submit to the electors <br />of said City of South San Prancisco and to the electors residing <br />in said new territory hereinafter described the question whether <br />such hereinafter described new territory shall .be annexed, to. <br /> <br /> incorporate~ in. and made a part of said City of South San <br /> <br />.Francisco, and that said proposition and question be submitted <br />iSat a special election to be held for that purpose, and no qther, <br /> and that said Board of Trustees call such election and ca, se due <br /> <br /> and legal notice to be given thereof, as provided in an act of the <br /> SLegislature of the State of California entitled "An act to pro- <br /> <br />vide for the alteration of the boundaries of and for the annex- <br />ation of territory to incorporated towns and cities, and for the <br /> <br />incorporation of such.annexe~ territory in and as a part of such <br /> <br />municipalities, and for the districting, government, and municipal <br /> <br />control of annexed territory," approved March 19, 1889. and the <br /> <br />several acts amendatory thereof. <br /> <br />Said new territory proposed by this petition to be annexed <br /> <br />to. incorporated in and made a part of said City of South San <br /> <br />-~a~rf~eo~,,~ .and. which is sought by this petition to b~ so annexe~ <br />.::'~..whi'~h' is above referre~ to. Is bo~de~. ~d specifically <br /> ~eSOri~ as follows, to-wit: <br /> <br />All that certain territory and parcel of land situated, <br /> <br />lying and being conti~uous to the city of South San Prancisco, <br /> <br />and in the county of San Mates, State of California. and <br /> <br /> <br />