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_~ 3AN~' <br />c~0" a~:,. +Q <br />v <br />~ ~ t u: <br />_ _ <br />~`~LIFOR~IF~ <br />~C~EI~TDA <br />RF;~EVELOPNILN'T AGENCY <br />CITY OF SOUTH SAN r I? A NCISCO <br />P.EC;ULAit NiEETINC7 <br />l~.~IUNICIPAL SERVICES BUILDRvC7 <br />COMMUNITY ROOM <br />WEDNESDAY APRIL 8, 2009 <br />6:30 P.M. <br />PEOPLE OF SOUTH SALT FP.ANCISC'O <br />You are invited to offer your suggestions. In order that you may know our method of conducting <br />Agency business, we proceed as follows: <br />The regular meeting of the Redevelopment Agency is held on the second tiVednesday of each <br />month at 6:30 p.m. in the Municipal Services Building, Community Room, 33 Arroyo Drive, South <br />Sar. Francisco, California. <br />Public Comment: For those wishing to address the Board on any Agenda or non-Agendized item, <br />please complete a Speaker Card located at the entrance to the Community Room and submit it to <br />the Clerk. Please be sure to indicate the Agenda Item # you wish to address or the topic of your <br />public comment. California law prevents Redevelopment Agency from taking action on any item <br />not on the Agenda (except in emergency circumstances). Your question or problem may be <br />referred to staff for investigation and/or action where appropriate or the matter may be placed on a <br />future Agenda for more comprehensive action or a report. When your name is called, please come <br />to the podium, state your name and address for the Minutes. COMMENTS ARE LIMITED TO <br />THREE (3) MINUTES PER SPEAKER-. Thank you for your cooperation. <br />The Clerk will read successively the items of business appearing on the Agenda. As she completes <br />reading an item, it will be ready for Board action. <br />KARYL MATSUMOTO <br />Chair <br />MARK N. ADDIEGO <br />Vice Chair <br />RICHARD A. GARBARINO <br />Boardmember <br />RICHARD BATTAGLIr~ <br />Investment Officer <br />BARRY M. NAGEL <br />Executive Director <br />PEDRO GONZAI,EZ <br />Boardmember <br />KEVIN MULLIN <br />Boardmember <br />KRISTA MARTINELLI-CARSON <br />Clerk <br />STEVEN T. MATTAS <br />Counsel <br />PLEASE SILENCE CELL PHONES AlV'D PAGERS <br />HEARING ASSISTANCE EQUIPMENT IS AVAILABLE FOR USE BY THE HEARING-IMPAIRED AT REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY MEETINGS <br />In accordance with Cal jornia Government Code Section 54957.5, any writing or document that is a public record, relates to an <br />open session agenda item, and r.'s distributed less than 72 hours prior to a reg7ilar meeting will be made available for public <br />inspection in the City Clerk's Office located at Cis y Hall. If, however, the document or writing is not distributed until the regular <br />meeting to which it relates, then the document or writing will be made available to the public at the location of the meeting, as <br />listed on this agenda. The address of City Hall is 400 Grand Avenue, South San Francisco, California 94080. <br />