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~zx S~ SI'E~IAL MEETING <br />~o ,~,,,.. ~~. <br />o~ <br />~. ~ REDEVEI~OPI`.~IENT AOENC~' <br />CITY OF SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO <br />c~'r~~~ P.O. Box: 711 (City Hall, 400 Grand Avenue) <br />South San Francisco, Califon nia 94083 <br />Meeting to be heid at: <br />MUNICIP AL SERVICES i3UILDING <br />COMMUl`.TITY ROOM <br />33 ARROYO DRIVE <br />SOU7,I i SAN FRANCISCO, CA <br />~J~%I~DNESDAY, JULY 22, 2009 <br />6:30 P.M. <br />NOTICE iS HEREBY GIVF,:'~,, pursuant to Section 54956 of the Government Code of the <br />State of California, the Redevelopment Agency of the City of South San Francisco will hold a <br />Special Meeting on ~'Vednesday, the 22"~' day of July, 2009, at 6:.s0 p.m., in the Ivluncipal Services <br />Building, Community Room, ~3 An-oyo Drive, South San Francisco, California. <br />Purpose of the meeting: <br />1_. Call to Order. <br />2. Roll Call. <br />3. Public Comments -comments are limited to items on the Special Meeting <br />Agenda. <br />4. CLOSED SESSION: (conference with Legal Counsel - <br />Existing Litigation <br />(Pursuant to Government Code Section 549569(a).) <br />City of South San Francisco Redevelopment Agency vs. Clear Channel <br />5. Adjournment. <br />CJ~~--Pi~..l~~~ <br />Deputy City Clerk, City of So San Francisco <br />