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~~xs~ SI'E~: IAL 1VIEETING <br />-~~ <br />~' ~~:~L~TLG~I~LI<T~ AGEN~~>~ <br />~I CITY OF SOUTH SAl~ FP.ANCI SCO <br />`~L ~ .O. L~vY ?11 `City Hail, 4v0 Grand Aven~~c) <br />South San Francisco, California 9403 <br />~:Ivetin ~ to be held at: <br />~~ ~ 1NICIP A I: SEI?~TIC'ES 13UII~DING <br />CONIM~TNITY ROOM <br />3 3 ~' uZOYO DI?IV~ <br />S(>Url'H .SAN FIZANCISCC>, CA <br />~vJ~DNESDAY, ri~GIJST 26, 2009 <br />6:30 I'.M. <br />NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to Section 54556 of the Oovermnent Code of the <br />C ~ (~' j'fn i., .~,~1,.,~n1r~ + ~ ~ ~.f 4L.o (~'j, C!,,, L'ro ~~cr~~ ~ ~11 L,r.1.r1 <br />Mate o~ ~a:~~.;rn~_:, the Rede~.,_~r_::.,n~ Age,~cy :;~ t~~:: ~ ty o So ~;:.~= ~.:~n„1~:,~ rvl:~ i,~:,a a <br />Sl;eci~~ i ivleeting on Wednesday, she 2.6`'' day of August, %~%9; at 6: i0 p.m., ire tl-~e Services <br />B»ildir~g, Community 1{00~~~, 33 Al-~~oyo Drive, So„th San. Francisco, aiifornia. <br />Purpose of the meeting: <br />l . .Call to Order. <br />2. Roll Cali. <br />3. Public Comments - comme~~ts are lir~zited to items on the Special Meeting <br />Agenda. <br />4. Resolution approving a loan for the remodel and expansion of Buon Gusto <br />Ristorante in an amount not to exceed X650,000 and authorizing the Executive <br />Director to execute the loan documents. <br />5 . Adj ou>nment. <br />n <br />J <br />City o~~outh,' an Francisco <br /> <br />