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~zxS~ ~P~~IAL M~~TI~TG <br />~o ..,,,,.. ~~ <br />'~~ F,EDEVELOPMENT AGENCY <br />~~~'~~^ Ole' THE <br />c,~LI~ CI T `i' GF SOUTH SALT FRS-~NCiSCO <br />P.O. Box 7? 1 (City Hail, 400 Grand Aventicj <br />Souih San Francisco, California ~40b3 <br />Meeting tc b e held at: <br />MUNICIPAL SLIiVICES P,UILDIrv„ <br />CO~livIUNITY ROOM <br />33 ARROYO DRIVE <br />WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER i ~, 2009 <br />6:30 P.M. <br />NOTICE IS HEiZEBY GNEN, pursuant to Section 54956 of the Government Code c~ dle <br />Stag of C~~lifornia, the Re~levelopmentAgency of tiie City ot- Soutii ,San Francisco ~wili hoid a Special <br />'vs~;;ii11g On V~~e(illcsday, tl]e '10~~ (lay Of 1'VOVe1r~CJer, (j~11, at !J:~O p.iu., 111 the 1V;u111Cii,;~l 7e1'~~ir•t~`v <br />i~uilding, Ccmmunit,~ Room, 33 Arroyo Drive, South San Francisco; California. <br />Purpcse of the meeting: <br />^ Call to Order. <br />^ Roll Caii. <br />^ Public Comments. <br />CONSENT CALENDAR <br />1. Motion to approve the minutes of September 9, 2009 and October 14, <br />2009. <br />2. Motion to confirm dle expense claims of November 18, 2009. <br />CLOSED SESSION <br />3. Pursuant to Government Cole section 51956.8 <br />Real property negotiations related to 938 Linden Avenue. <br />Company negotiator: 15SSF DEV, LLC. <br />Agency Negotiator: Marry Van Duyn <br />